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Originally Posted by SuperSwede21 View Post
It really comes down to what you find comfortable and convienient. This is my first year playing player, and everyone says I skate like a mixture of Mason Raymond and Taylor Hall, I'm low to the ice, very hunched over and have a lot of arm motion. I just find that comfortable.
Not really. Skating, like any physical motion, is about physics. It's not an opinion. There is a "best" way to do it. Strong legs and core, well conditioned aerobic system, flexible, and a good technique. The fact that a certain NHLer does it a different way is kind of a moot point. Players make the nhl for all sorts of reasons. Smart, tough, great shot, strong on puck, etc. It doesn't mean they are skating optimally. I'm quite sure there are people on this board that skate better than some of the worse NHL skaters. Rick Toccett and Brad Marsh are Flyers that come to mind.

What "feels comfortable" is irrelevant for optimum performance. It feels more comfortable for me to sleep until 7am vs. training legs from 5:30-7am. Which one makes me a better player?

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