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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
What does that matter? First of all, look at any and all of the organizational moves in the past 15 years. They all reek of a "win-now" mentality that continually mortgages our future until there is nothing left.

Second of all, there has only been 2 distinct ownership groups in the past 15 years. Gillette, and the Molsons.

They may have put their own slant on it, but the fact remains that our approach to managing a team has been very, very flawed for a long time.

It's tragic to me that other teams seem to have learned from our past, when we cannot. It seems like almost every other GM is making moves for picks and prospects, while we do not. I mean sure, we got a 2nd, and a somewhat decent prospect but that's just not acceptable. Pollock was absolutely fanatical about getting great young talent. That dynasty was planned. It didn't just happen.
Through it's over 100 years of history, the Habs have always had a win now attitude. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one... Pollock was around back when players didn't have to be drafted, and the talent pool wasn't divided by 30, so "planning" a dynasty was a possibility back then. Even Pittsburgh with its bazillion recent top picks doesn't even remotely come close to even sniffing the dynasty's jock-strap. No team does, and no team ever will, not even the mighty Red Wings... Times have changed.

Edit: before anyone says it, yes the draft was around, but teams didn't take it as seriously as they do today...

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