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01-13-2012, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by pjb5064 View Post
So did the entire fan base. Snider didn't need to hold the gun to Homers head... There wasn't one Flyers fan who was happy with the goalie situation we had. If you are going to say now that signing Bryzgalov was a dumb idea that is fine, but everyone was calling for it and was excited for it when it happened. I don't blame management at all for what they did. They bought out a very talented goalie for the rest of his career. Sure it looks bad now because Bryz isn't playing up to his normal self, but he will.

I just think everyone is overreacting and freaking out because of the money we spent on him, and then they turn around and act like its not about the money. I don't mean you specifically, I just quoted you for the first part of what I had to say.
This is SO untrue! We didn't demand that Homer go out and give Bryz a blank cheque. There was absolutely no negotiation, Snider informed the world that the goaltending would be resolved and since there were only a couple of above average goalies around, it was pretty obvious who he was going for.

I don't have a problem with him getting $5 million a year. I have a problem with a 31 year old being signed to a 9 year contract with $10 million of that being paid in the first year. Someone who is mentally fragile, who played in anonymity in a city where hockey has no fans and no media and is now playing in front of fans who are over the top vicious when they aren't happy and sensationalistic media members who thrive on causing trouble. Instead of Snider taking a step back, or at the very least keeping his mouth shut, publicly, he announced his plans and didn't give Holmgren a chance to properly negotiate.

There's no doubt that none of us were happy with the goaltending situation for the past several years. The goaltending situation should have been dealt with long before June/2011 but Holmgren thought we would be just fine with Boucher/Leighton. We got SO lucky with Bob until he wore out due to being overplayed in the first half of last season.

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