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01-13-2012, 10:13 PM
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I'm really surprised GMDM hasn't made a more substantial move by now. Looking at our record the last 10 or 12 games, he's got to be aware that we're dropping like a stone. Why wait until we've fallen too far? There's a bit of an art to messing with good locker room/hotel/airplane chemistry, but at some point, good chemistry or not, as Tippett says this is a results driven business, and they're just not delivering the goods. Moves like COR were good to buy some time while they figured out the Turris business and Chip, POS, MAP and Brule are ok dumpster diving attempts for the bottom 6. But there's got to be a line when you realize that the problem is goal production and a PP hovering around worst in the league that requires a more substantial shake up.

I'm sure the relocation question and budget issues are extreme limiting factors, but I want to see a little more Maloney magic. They need to decide if they're coming or going before the decision is out of their hands. Trim up some of that defensive depth and bolster the top 9. Just because Smith or Hanzal is out shouldn't be an acceptable excuse to go 2-4-4. That's not going to cut it. Make a move Don.

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