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Originally Posted by Sheer Con View Post
Saying Lundqvist doesn't compare to Thomas means he sucks and is inconsistent? Lundqvist has been one of the best and most consistent goalies in the league for years. But he has not played on the level that he is playing on this season yet. Can you even argue that? Thomas has been playing on a record-setting pace for years (minus the injury season).

And by sucking I assume you mean setting records in Finland. He didn't get a chance because of his style, but once he did, he dominated. Are we talking about who had more NHL success 6 years ago now though?
Lundqvist has also been playing at a "record-setting pace for years." Six years to be exact. No other goalie in NHL history has ever began a career with six consecutive 30+ win seasons, and soon to be seven. Even more impressive when you consider the bubble teams (6th through 8th place) he's played behind for five of those six years, and a team that missed the playoffs in the other year.

Thomas and Lundqvist are in an elite tier above every other goalie in the league. They're both incredibly consistent, incredibly clutch, and great competitors. To argue who's better is silly. Even if they play eachother in the playoffs this year and one team wins, it only means that one TEAM was better than the other, not necessarily the most valid reflection of the goalies.

To say Thomas didn't get a chance because of his style is a farce. He simply wasn't as good as he is today. He had holes in his game, the biggest one being inconsistency. He's found the right mentality to complement his play, and he's likely going to end up in the hall of fame when he's done. I applaud him. But I think it's only realistic to think that Lundqvist on the Bruins last season could've done just as well and won the cup. Thomas had one of the best playoff performances by a goalie in history, no doubt, but his team was deep as hell and they came together to be better than the sum of their parts: something that all Cup Champions find a way to do.

Lundqvist has been absolutely outstanding in his last two playoff series against the high-powered, offense-first Capitals. If you watched the games, rather than simply stat-surfing, you'd know he was the only reason the 2010 series went to 7 games, and he was a stone-wall last season, stopping Ovechkin on multiple overtime breakaways before his own player stole the puck from him and gift-wrapped Chimera's death-blow goal.

All I know is that if we end up with a Boston vs New York conference final, the winner will be the fans and hockey in general, as I have no doubts that Henke and Thomas would put on an absolute show.

Thomas has had much better teams. This year it's almost dead even (even down to two of the best backup goalies in the league) and now that Staal is finally healthy, the first meeting on the 21st should be a great test for both teams. Both teams are deep, have a delicate balance of youth and experience, and score by committee (they both get contributions up and down the lineup) This should make for a very exciting race for first in the East, and likely the league. Still, no matter what the outcomes, it won't necessarily mean that one goalie is better than the other. They're the two best goalies in the world. That's enough for me.

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