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Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
There's a lot more pressure here no doubt, this happens to star players on the Yankees & Red Sox also in the MLB, you almost have to have a fighter pilot mentality & not read the papers. Although Montreal is a 1 horse town, so makes it worst!

Montreal playing defensive hockey though causes some issues though by style, of course it's really-really stupid! To bring in offensive players & a Defensive coach, MGMT set up a situation for failure.

People wonder why there isn't more Franco-Q players we'll it's even way more pressure, Lapierre & Tender couldn't handle it either.

It would almost help to have a 2nd team, hope-fully bringing the Nords back(maybe) will give half this Province's fan base something else. This is Montreal's team.
It isnt pressure. If a player is affected by pressure from the media or the fans, then they are not mentally tough to begin with. That is fluff and a built in excuse for the failure that we are seeing today.

Where was this crushing pressure when Montreal was successful?

And to the reason why Lapierre and Latendresse failed here, all one has to do is look at their coaches. Lats was played on the 3rd and 4th lines by Carbo and got junk minutes. Once he left here and was given an opportunity to succeed and given confidence by his coach, he excelled as a top line forward. Lapierre was mishandled by Martin. He was very good as a defensive forward but was getting less time on the PK.

That is coaching, not location.

And why would a top notch star forward want to come to Montreal to play. For years and years, all they have seen is top 6 players hounded and harassed with no one on the team coming to step in for them. In Montreal, you are on your own. Ask Subban about that.

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