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01-13-2012, 11:39 PM
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Sorry, but I don't how the so called die-heart Oilers fans can talk about hoping for an empty arena, or complain about the ticket prices. We as fans CALLED for this rebuild. We knew it is going to be a long process to get to become a wining team. So why are we bailiing on the team now it makes no sense to at all. Be a proud fan cheer the team. Show the players you're still passionate about this team. They will turn the corner soon enough, but come on guys it is what we called, and we got it. So learn to stick with your team even when it is painful.

Back to topic. I think Petry, Hall, and Gagner all showed up to play, and that was nice to see out of are young guns. Gagner is proving why we shouldn't trade him. He can become an important part of are team. Said no body feed off of Gagners fight, it should've sparked our team.

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