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11-07-2003, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by DRL
i have a few questions and would like you guys to rank the goalies in each category.

here are the goalies: aebischer, biron, burke, joesph, kolizg, nabokov, theodore.

question 1) who is most likely to be the avs starter come playoff time?

2) who is most qualified to lead the avs to the cup come playoff time?

3) who do YOU think will be the avs goalie come playof time?

4) who do you think LACROIX will want to be the avs goalie come playoff time?

5) rank from highest to lowest who has NO CHANCE of being the avs goalie come playoff time?
I may be in the minority here, but I don't think the reason for the losing streat/poor start of the Aves can be taken back to their goalies. Then again, I haven't seen them play a lot. But I would attribute some of the problem to the wide open game that they have been playing. Maybe an upgrade would be helpful, but I am not sure how many more games they would win.

1. I would have to go w/ Burke. As much as the Caps are stinking up the ice, I don't see them trading Kolzig, because he can still keep them in the game. Also it would be really costly to pry him away form the Caps.

2. Most qualified AND available would be Cujo. He never really has had a lot of D in front of him in Toronto and the Wings O dried up last season. Can't blame him for the 1st round exit. I don't think the Aves want anything to do w/ his $$$. so trading for him may not happen. (He may be the cheapest alternative - giving up talent wise).

3. Same a ? one.

4. Of those available I think he would go w/ either Cujo or Kolzig for the playoff experience only. Biron, Nabakov, Burke haven't done anything worth mentioning in the playoffs.

5. Outside of Aibecher and Burke, I really don't think the caps will be able to acquire any of those guys.

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