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01-14-2012, 02:10 AM
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Lorne Ferguson, LW

Let me just point out that when Eddie Kullman was picked and I said he had the most pre-expansion GP among available players, I had missed Lorne Ferguson, who had 422. That's 79 more than Kullman, and 88 more than the next-highest available player (one upcoming pick excluded)

Just to stress again, when there are just 18 jobs for regular left wingers in the NHL and you can keep one for 422 games, that is an accomplishment, whether you excel in the NHL or are just a mediocre player.

Ferguson is a GP pick, I won't lie. I believe in O6 GP being an accomplishment in themselves, but there is more to him. For example, in 1955 he was 11th in goals with 20. He did not just toil on crap teams, he played 31 playoff games to go along with his 422 in the regular season. He was a cup finalist in 1956 with Detroit. And his short AHL career is pretty impressive, in the midst of a mid-career demotion, showing that he probably should never have been sent down:

- 1953: 11th in AHL points
- 1954: AHL goals leader, 6th in points. Names like Lewicki, Babando, Horvath, Parker MacDonald, McKenney and McIntyre trail him
- 1954: 2nd all-star team

Ferguson does not appear to have been in the NHL for his defense or physicality. He appears to be a middle of the road secondary scorer who stuck around for a while. The kind of guy who, if he had been 10 years younger, would have seen his career extended by expansion like so many others did.

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