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01-14-2012, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
How is unproven? Just wondering from a another teams perspective. Some people in Vancouver see him differently and is actually a better option than the current #1 guy. It would be interesting to see from an outside perspective what makes him unproven
Personally I think he stays until the off season.

Would he be any worse than the current guy you have? Also, wouldnt it be better to get a goalie who has played on a winner and knows what it takes to be a winner, and already has that work ethic?

How do you upgrade your current G situation if you dont want to trade for an unproven or a proven goalie?
Maybe unproven=never played a full season as a starter in the NHL.

A lot of the fans think that Schneider's play/numbers is based on playing on a elite team. They feel if he was playing in Columbus, his numbers wouldn't be as great. Which is may or may not be true.

I think they would be willing to trade something good for a proven goalie(Miller,Ward,heck, maybe even Luongo) but not someone young(Schneider,Bernier,Lehner). Mind you the 3 proven goalies have NTC. Is Luongo's a complete 100% NTC or is it limited to a list of teams/doesn't kick in until the future? My dream is to get Jacob Markstrom but he's Florida's future number 1 goalie and yes he's young and unproven but I like him and would give a lot to land him.

I would offer a contract to Vokoun and see if he takes it. He's getting up their in age so a nice final retirement contract might entice him to sign here. Word from the fans here said that Vokoun did state he would move to Ohio when he retires. Think Dublin, Ohio, not sure how far apart the two cities are. I would then somehow move Mason and bring in a younger goalie to be the backup so he can learn and take over Vokoun when he retires.

It's to bad St Louis is in the same division as Columbus. The way Elliot is playing, I wonder if they would trade Halak. Also, Elliot is a UFA after this season, I would not want Columbus to go after him.

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