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Originally Posted by Yammer View Post
This is a most logical argument. I would make a small adjustment which is that there is not necessarily one optimum technique, in the sense that there is no one standard body configuration. Leg length, shape of joint, fit of joints, hip width, torso length, ankle shape, all those things would likely result in significant different angles of stress and optimal movement. While there might be certain ideal skating theories, in practice there may be significant adjustment. Could the tall slenderly built Gretzky/Mason Raymond body account for their hunched-over strides?

I also wonder if there is an optimum technique for forward momentum, and a different configuration for ideal turning, ideal shooting, etc -- so that there is not one posture but a continuous, variable, yet logical and predicable integrated suite of postures.
no, there are a few variables in human bone and muscle structure, but not enough to affect the pattern of optimal movement. evolution pretty much took care of that for us. the maximal performance will vary for individuals, but the way to achieve maximal perfomance will not vary significantly at all.

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