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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
IMO it's not just that weber and suter (and fans) want to see the team spend more money... They want to see it spent wiser as well. We bailed out of the kessel talks because of the $5.4m price tag, yet spend a combined 17m a year on dumont, fish, legs, erat. We don't want to pay kessel 5.4 yet spend 5.6 on horvq + kosisyten.

This reminds me of a girl wanting her boyfriend to change their ways or they're out of here. Sorry folks but poile will always be a passive Nancy when it comes to making the right offensive moves.
Yeah, that or maybe Kessel told them he wouldn't play in nashville no matter how much money they offered... I'm sure you have the inside scoop though. Not to mention that in the unlikely event that it was actually money that was the issue, poile can't spend money he hasn't been givenby the owners.

Believe whatever you want but I have always thought Nashville was just the stalking horse designed to get a better return from toronto

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