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11-07-2003, 08:12 AM
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I'd rather a guy not try to draw a PP if it means being strong in front of the net and getting a decent shot on goal.

TB...we shall see manana. Poti should be in for Mironov. Hlavac should sit when Lindros returns. I think it's that simple. Perhaps Sather was giving Hlavac another shot, since Petr returned. I'm basically done with Hlavac, although I'm not sure who 'fits' on Petr's left side. And personally, I don't think Nedved and Kovalev have shown much chemistry. Nedved cannot take that one-time shot, and Kovalev sets up one-timers often. I'll say this one more time...Lundmark has one of the team's quicker, more effective releases and should be playing with Kovalev (at least given a 5-10 game look).

On being prepared...they came out strong...they were prepared. They fell apart though. Became undisciplined and that unraveled. And killing 6 of 7 is pretty good killing. Not getting any goals in two attempts is bad, but it's often tough to get rolling on a couple attempts.

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