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Originally Posted by Maccas View Post
To be honest, to me the idea of one "Optimal style" is ridiculous.
No two players bodies are identical if you take me and two other players on my team

Me- 6ft- 168lbs
Oliver- 6ft 5"- 185lbs
Matt- 5ft 9"- 190lbs
Height and weight are usually due to bone size/length and amount of muscle and body fat. That doesn't change the physics of human motion so much since the muscle attachment and insertion points are going to be very similar.

Things like getting low and in a min. of a 90 degree knee bend to flex(load) the glutes and quads are universal IMO. It's like cocking a gun or pulling back the string on a bow. Full extension at the hip, knee, and ankle during your stride etc.

You can be a good skater at certain levels with flawed or "comfortable" technique. It doesn't mean you wouldn't be better with proper technique.

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