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01-14-2012, 09:21 AM
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Hmmm ... 2008... Brian Burke ...

Just over 3 years ago he took over, and still no Stanley Cup? Wow he must suck just as much as Regier!

Next month, Regier will have an owner that gives him no financial guidelines, for a full calendar year. So in February of 2014, the Sabres should be doing well in the standings on their way to a solid playoff position.

In 11 months as the GM of an owner, who gives no financial guidelines, how many new faces has he brought in?
Now multiply that by 3 years, how many is that?

That's a lot of new faces that will hopefully help this team get closer and/or achieve the goal. The Stanley cup.

I am not anti or pro Regier, I just think it's fair to give Regier a semi- clean slate and see what he WILL do while the GM of this type of owner. Burke 3+ years finally showing results. Regier 11 months (under Pegula).
If Regier does little to nothing over the next 6-8 months, I'll first, be shocked, second, I'll want him replaced.
Just my O.

Edit... I'm not ignoring Regiers past. I'm just giving him more rope under a new owner. Afterall the owner is giving him limitless rope. Now it's the NHL's cap that's the limit, not an internal cap.

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