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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
IMHO - That's an irrational and inaccurate observation. Dumont was given a very reasonable $4mil contract after a couple seasons of putting up .8ppg. An illegal hit cost him his career. Many folks have shown the numbers on the Legwand and Erat contracts and that they were exactly representative of the market for their performance level. Fish? Really - what's he getting - something in the $3mil range?

And seriously - if Kessel was today - not when the bloody franchise was reeling from the disaster that was Liarpold - do you really think $5.4mil is an issue? (Cause before the debacle we signed PK and Arny to significant FA contracts so it wasn't necessarily an issue then) Your comment complains about making "wise investment", yet elsewhere the complaint is DP is too cautious and wants to make too wise a decision; even if you'e not making that argument here it surely can't be both.

It's silly to sit outside, when there is no way to know who DP has conversation with and what the context and content of those conversations are, and criticize the results. We have a franchise that has built to a decent potential post-first round run twice in 12 years (unfortunate the 06/7 team got knocked off by the Sharks, but 51 wins - no rational person could complain about what the GM did putting that team together), in a non-traditional market, with significant financial limitations, and yet we're in the POs 6 of last 7 years. Our true siblings - Atlanta lost their franchise; Columbus gets in the POs once and is certainly the worst team in the conference if not the entire NHL - think their fans might be happier with what DP and Trotz have been able to do?

Good grief - there are only a handful of franchises that have had measurably more success over the last 7 years then we have. There are VERY few that have grown the talent we have - and those went through consecutive seasons of being the absolute worst team in hockey and got awarded with multiple years of top 5 picks. While we might like to see an ultimately better result - i.e, a "deep run" - it seems inconceivable to make comments about poor investments when they contracts are market level or use an example (that may or may not even be accurate) of dropping out of pursuit of a $5.4mil player in the immediate aftermath of Liarpold.

As for getting back to topic - DP has said he's had serious talks and has a contract on the table for Suter. It's not being disputed by the other side, so it kinda' is up to Ryan as to whether he wants to be in Nash or not. We know DP is willing to pay Shea $7.5 and not whine about it so the $7mil for 7yrs that was floated as offered doesn't seem far-fetched although none of us know for sure. That's a reasonable contract for the market for stud Dmen. So - again - seems ball is in the Captain's court - DP is doing what he can to make that contract work.

As for the rest of the franchise - stable players you complained about - Fish, Leggy, Marty, Horny etc - along with our Dmen twins, have allowed us to let Wilson mature into a bona fide top6 Forward, bring in #15 and #59, bring up #49 and #57, while only losing an over-achieving Joel Ward to free agency; so even if DP truly didn't do his job and even try to find us a free agent, he gave us the prospects to improve that will continue to mature and improve for several years. Those seem like wise investments to me.

Time and time-again, DP has proven to do EXACTLY what your post complained about - make WISE investments. The issue it really seems you're complaining about is that he hasn't made a splashy free agent grab for something much of the fan-base thinks we need and/or would like to see us have. Just cause that desire is there does not mean it's wise. We had Rads; that's a whole nother topic, but that was the scorer we don't have. Doesn't appear we lost him because of DP. Put him on this team - let alone on last years team - what then is the complaint about wise investing?

Perfectly stated.

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