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01-14-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by BigBadLooch View Post
You will probably have to spray it with hot water several times to get it back to a skatable smoothness. Even if it's pretty rough that first skate, just the act of skating on it will help with evening it out - at least it always has for us.

I'd recommend against flooding it again, as in my experience, this often results in air pockets and shaling of the top layer. Several very thin layers of hot water shouldn't cause that problem for you. Time between the layers will depend on how cold it is, and how quickly the layer you just put down will be completely frozen.

I hoping that this weekend's cold weather will be enough for mine to refreeze to the point where at least my kids can get out on it. This winter has been as awful as last winter was great for my rink...
thanks for the advice.
i cant believe my luck. It doesnt snow all year, then the day after i get the rink flooded, we get 5 inches of snow and then freezing drizzle and sleet.

Now its not gonna get above 25 degrees until wednesday. I checked my rink this am and its a disaster. There is about 3 inch thick jagged ice. if somebody fell on that they would bleed out.
Even though you said you were against flooding it, I am tempted just to flood the whole rink with another inch or 2 of water from the hose today. Seeing how tomorrow isnt supposed to get above 15 degrees.

I dont think any rink rake or hot water is gonna fix this mess.

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