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01-14-2012, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
So, lemme get this straight.

You work at a company of two employees. You do ALL the work. The other employee plays Tetris and makes multiple trips to the bathroom to squeeze one out every day. The company is successful and makes money.

Is the other employee earning his pay?

Honestly, dude, you're entire argument is based around the fact that you find it incredibly difficult to be critical of decisions so you attempt to weasel your way out of making those decisions. The Chicago Blackhawks FIRED the guy that signed Huet to that moronic contract... they were right to do so, he was a *ing idiot.
Business and hockey are not the same thing. See my above post. Difficult to make decisions? I'm saying if a guy wins a Cup he's worth it. What decision am I trying to weasel out of?

As far as Tallin getting fired is concerned, I really don't think yoy can argue that he didn't do his job or earn his paycheck. He took a ****** team and turned them into champions in a few years.

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