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01-14-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
I think Hubs has to put on weight but there are guys, Riberio comes to mind, who are stick thin. If your style of game is high skill and head always on a swivel/vision you can manage. With that said, Hubs will definitely benefit from more weight. His game is similar to Riberio but Hubs definitely likes being around the net. The right decision was made to send him back to Juniors because I agree, he'd be another guy on IR.
Ribeiro is really slight too, but he's also a very good skater. Still something Huby has to improve. Ribeiro's very quick and elusive. You don't really see him getting pushed around because he doesn't allow himself to be. Huby got knocked around a lot and outmuscled in the corners and along the boards in the WJC, and the fact that he likes to go to the net makes it worse. He'll never be able to consistently penetrate traffic in front of the net unless he gets a lot stronger. He likes to play like a big guy, but the problem is he's not. It's obviously been shown that he can't gain weight during the season, so he's gonna have a hell of summer coming up like I said. Probelm is, his team is probably going to go to the Memorial Cup again so it'll be another short summer.

As a big center who will go to the net, I think Bjugstad should put on a lot more weight. He looks lanky. Guds also needs to put on more weight. When I saw Guds in a t-shirt and shorts he was thin, not really solid. In their defense, they're bodies grew faster than they could manage to put on lean mass, but both of these guys need to put on a good amount more of weight. They will only get bigger and stronger. They're young so it's just a time thing. I bet this offseason will see these three guys come into camp with a lot more lean mass on them.

Bjugstad will put on more weight, but like you said these guys are young, only 19/20. For his age, I think Bjugstad's weight is fine. He only really looks lanky because he's 6'5". Gud looks big to me and he said before the season that he was 220 lbs., but I'll take your word for it. He has time though, again. He's definitely over 200 lbs. Both of these guys could easily get up to over 220 lbs.

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