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01-14-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Xoggz22 View Post
I think maybe there isn't clarity on the point at hand....It's not about not wanting Schneider (if it is, those people are crazy), it's about not giving up a player like Johansen to get him. Have you seen the difference in defense play between the two teams (and I'm not just talking the 6 defensemen although there is a huge discrepancy there too). I'm sure Schneider would help maks some of our significant defensive difficiencies, however, it is only one piece. The other is having a future franchise Center which many of us believe Johansen will be.

Two independent things here. Yes to Schneider, no to moving Johansen from this fans perspective.
So what would be a good goalie to focus in on? Going back to the UFA list I posted earlier, there is not a whole lot out there. Either they are all older, like 34 and above, or career backups. Ray Emery is only 29, and he has proven to be a good goalie in the past. Other than that, not sure if Nabakov day's are past him or not, but he would be the other ok looking one.

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