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01-14-2012, 12:33 PM
Roman Yoshi
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For the love of god people stop mentioning Rads. Please. He isn't on the team nor does he help us in anyway at the present. Saying that he is the scorer that this team is missing, while maybe true, doesn't matter because guess what he is missing. until he either laces his skates up for us or is traded, he doesn't matter at all. He has no value to this team right now and until any of us know for sure differently in the future either.

There is a true fundamental difference right now in our fan base: those who are satisfied with the status quo and those who are tired of the status quo and believe our team is ready to be elite. Obviously, I fall into the later camp. We've been building a strong core for years, have three of the best players in the world at their positions, plenty of revenue to make a move, and an overflowing pipeline of NHL ready prospects. Problem is, we have a lot of quantity but not a lot of true elite quality.

While I certainly understand that Poile and Trotz have built an amazing team on such a low budget, if this whole "window of opportunity" crap is real, and that is how management and Poile feel, then start taking calculated risks. Based on everything we have heard, we have the money for Suter and Weber, but they question our ability to be an elite team. We have to keep these guys. If we lose them, we hurt our newly forged reputation around the league, ability to sign free agents because we will still be a "small market team not willing to pay for talent," and even if Rads comes back we would be losing Suter and Weber anyway so what is the point?

I understand that Poile and Trotz have found a winning formula, but they haven't found a championship one. In fact, Poile has never been able to seal the deal as a GM. Again, I understand why some of you are satisfied with the status quo, but it isn't unreasonable for other fans to want to shed the "good team" label and become elite and true cup contenders.

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