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01-14-2012, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
And there's the rub. I honestly don't know whether or not a stadium here would be filled with people to watch an outdoor game. Our best bet is to have a very heated rivalry with a Western squad who can get those kind of people out to watch a game.
I'm pretty sure people would come and the stadium will sell out. NBC and the NHL are the problems here. They want money and they know they can't have a game in the west coast because it would need to start later. They aren't sure people would stay up and watch it which = less money.

I do agree that these tech excuses thrown out are a bunch of ********.

I won't be watching the next winter classic or 24/7 which saddens me because I really enjoyed both. I'm sick of Detroit and I'm sick of the same teams all the time get the nationally televised games.

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