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01-14-2012, 01:48 PM
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On ice he wasn't really selfish. I did consider him to be a bit of a prima donna, especially comparing him to all other Kings players not named Sean Avery. He thought he was much better and more important than he really was.

He wanted to be the leader on and off the ice but in my opinion he never succeeded to be one as a King, because teammates didn't see enough from him to take him seriously. I haven't been following him closely since his departure from the Kings, but from what I hear it has been pretty much the same. He is giving lectures to the teammates, the usual "look yourself in the mirror" crap, but the teammates don't accept him to be the guy in position to give lectures.

That is why when you give me a captain who talks too much and doesn't do enough (Cammalleri) on one side and a captain who doesn't talk much, but teammates respect his on ice performance (Kopitar) I will always pick the latter. Teammates' respect is the most important requirement for any C or A.

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