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12-25-2005, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Tadite
I wish people would stop posting based upon nothing but reputation.

Blake is a shadow of himself. He has lost his speed and hasn't been able to make the transition to the New NHL.

My god the guy is -14.

Schneider is at least still a good player.
You seem to forget that Schneider was a 2nd-rate powerplay quarterback before he signed with the Kings. Most people were just hoping at the time that he was better than Duschene. His +/- for the 3 seasons prior to signing with the Kings was -12, -19 and -6. In light of that, -14 from Blake doesn't look that bad. Also, Blake was a force with the Kings for years, despite having negative +/-. If someone would rather have Corvo than Blake because +23 looks better than -14, then that's his business, but it's very foolish, IMO.

Also, most Kings fans were trashing Carter during the lockout, calling the one bad season of his career the turning point to mediocrity. Now some people are saying the same about Blake. Kings fans did some of the same with Miller because of his bad last season. I would think that the lesson would've been learned with Carter and Miller, and that people would quit making rash decisions based on one off-year. Some people need to take a little risk and have a little well-placed faith in a player. That happens to be DT's greatest strength, IMO. Look at Garon, LaBarbera, Miller, Conroy and others, and that's just this season.

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