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12-25-2005, 07:06 PM
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Breaking in new skates

So I got my first pair of brand new skates for Christmas today, and I was wondering what I need to go through in terms of protection/breaking-in/anything special that comes with new skates.

I'd been wearing a pair of really ancient CCM Tacks 452s in a size 7.5D that I bought used and had blister problems with. When I got fitted for the new skates, they told me I wore 6.0D skates. Heh. That may have been the problems I had with the old ones.

The new pair is a 2003 Easton SBX model (not the Ultra-Lites) with the redesigned tongue that prevents the skate-bite problems present with the early models. It's a soft-fit boot, which I read means there's little to no break-in period, but I don't know if that's true or just advertising.

The fit on these is great, as the narrow toe-cap fits the way my foot tapers off at the front. It feels like my big toe is a bit forward in the boot, but I think that's from wearing too-big skates for more than a year and thinking that's how skates should fit.

Any help is appreciated!

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