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01-14-2012, 03:55 PM
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If you pause at the point of impact on the higher quality Butler hit... it appears almost definite that he hit him on the jaw, at that speed it could quite easily cause a concussion, or at least make it easier for another hit to do that instead.

With this and a few other questionable hits, (Talbot...) it seems as though if there is not an immediate injury on the play, it is not deemed bad by the league! I mean, WTF, they seem to punish the result, not the action.

This and the 4 minute minor on high sticks causing bleeding make me laugh... so subjective it is stupid. I know hockey players who when a stick comes up, they just bite down into their lip to draw blood... easy 2 extra mins!

And for people saying it may not have caused a concussion... literally any head contact can cause a concussion.

I have been blessed to only have had one minor concussion in ten years of playing Water polo and Rugby, funnily enough it came of the most innocuous contact while playing water polo, was swimming after a guy, and his foot glanced off my jaw.

Immediately I had extreme trouble staying afloat, could not coordinate swimming to the side. However, 5 mins later I was good, came back in and scored 2 goals. Felt good the next day, even went training, but the day after felt like **** and ended up going to team physio, referred to a doctor and was out for 2 weeks with awful headaches and light sensitivity.

I have been hit far harder on the head many other times, once where my cheekbone was broken, another knocking 3 teeth out, one cutting my tongue open, and maybe 10-20 giving black eyes or other facial bruising. Yet that glancing blow to my jaw, with nothing but a slight red welt, was the one that caused a concussion.

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