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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
Great thread, great topic, great video.

If Lundqvist was playing here, certain people would be calling for his head. Both he and MAF, in their last appearances versus the Flyers, have given up goals that would be labeled "soft" by those who excoriate Bryz.


Ah well, life in Philly...
Sure, "certain people" would take the extreme view that any and every weak goal -- like the second one Bob gave up in the YT highlights you posted -- is reason to tar and feather the goalie. Those people, I strongly believe, would be met on this board with a majority of "You can't be serious." posts. Let's take the WC: Lundqvist gave up a pretty poor one for Schenn's first ever NHL goal; he played a floater clumsily and dropped the rebound right onto Schenn's stick. Previously in the game, Lundqvist stopped Jagr and Giroux on breakaways, made several other stellar stops, and then stopped Briere on a PS to seal the win. Context.

Plus, as I have posted, those goals are aberrations to their stats. Another maxim for goalies who want to remain starters in the NHL: if you give up a softie, you'd better dig deeply to redeem yourself with some exceptional stops later on.

This microanalysis of individual games and plays is just wisps of smoke insufficiently blurring consistently mediocre goaltending on Bryzgalov's part.

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