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01-14-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
It looks quite clear that he hits his chin area. It was a glancing blow, so no he wont necessarily "spin like a top". The clips you showed were all much more direct contact to the head, so they are completely irrelevant

Butler raised his elbow directly into his head area which is totally uncalled for and should have been a suspension

And I really dont see how or why you would react like JVR did if the guy just cruised by you are didnt touch you at all. Usually when a player is embellishing or faking the reaction comes a noticeable time after the supposed contact. I dont see that at all here

Edit: Its also funny that you are trying your best to make it look like JVR is faking considering you clearly hate the guy
Yes I do dislike him haha (I really don't want to though. I hope he makes me eat my words eventually). And I just said I don't think he is faking this injury! I just don't know if this is the hit that resulted in it, because I don't believe the contact is as direct as you claim it is. Yes, if anything, it is a glancing blow. It is such a glancing blow, that I don't think it's even clear that contact was made (and I certainly wasn't alone in the GDT. That's all.

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