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01-14-2012, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by metallicat View Post
Yeah I just don't think it's very accurate. I use WeatherEye which I find to be marginally better.

More often than not though, I find this website predicts things with a lot more accuracy:

I also follow Josh Classen on twitter who I think is the best meteorologist in Edmonton.

I am by no means an expert though, so if you guys have better resources you use to follow the weather, keep using them!
I also use the site as my main source of info. Find it to be the most accurate. You mentioned Weathereye. That is what I use on my PC as the desktop weather app, and it is put out by The Weather Network, which is actually the same outfit that puts out the App that is pictured above in my forecast pic. I switched from the app that came with the phone, as I didn't find the local weather predictions very accurate.

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