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01-14-2012, 04:50 PM
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we need an offense that can keep the puck long enough to set up our snipers or get a lats type player back who is willing to bull themselves toward the net. Bouchard being out hurts. Mikko has been flat out terrible with possession (uncharacteristically) and Seto isn't a set up guy. I'd like to see Heatley get his shot off more often--he does find the space and is in good position most of the time but with Mikko misfiring lately that line has really been dogging it.

I love Brodin, but if he is the only change to our blueline next year (besides the guys we've seen called up taking starting roles from gonners like Zanon) we're just as ****ed as we are this year. One 19 year old kid is not going to do it, Parise on the front end or not.
I would much rather have Suter than Parise, but obviously that's probably not going to be a choice Fletcher or anyone else is gifted with...If it's Parise, we'll still need to add to the blueline. None of our guys looks remotely capable of playing a full year of consistently good hockey.

I like Staubitz--i feel he contributes more than most people give him credit for--but i'm a fighting fan so if it's between the two I'd rather have Kassian. That said, Fletcher wanted a middle-weight kind of fighter who could skate. I don't think Richards had anything to do with it, and Yeo doesn't seem to mind Staubitz, either, bad penalties and all. Even if Staubitz is gone there's a decent chance he's replaced by someone of the same type rather than an obvious heavy like Kassian. Rather have Kassian, but Staubitz (or, say, Konopka, who was Fletcher's first choice for the role) can skate more minutes and probably has a better chance of drawing someone into a fight.

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