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12-26-2005, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by EndBoards
Later on, even Lindy Ruff agreed that it was the right call.
Where did you get this from? Ruff never agreed that "it was the right call." Immediately following the game Ruff asked Bettman for an explanation and Bettman just walked away.

The goal clearly shouldn't have counted. Hull's skate was in the crease when the puck entered the net. That type of goal had been disallowed numerous times throughout the playoffs. All that crap about "possession" had NEVER been used to justify a goal when the player was in the crease that season. The reason so many Sabres fans are upset about it, (besides the fact that it happened in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals), is that the goal was never reviewed in the first place. And on top of that, the league lied about it.

Bryan Lewis, the NHL's director of officiating, said as soon as the goal was scored, off-ice officials immediately went to the video replay for a review.

"Every such goal has been reviewed by the NHL since the start of the season, including this one," Lewis said.

But only 13 seconds elapsed from the time the puck crossed the goal line to when all the media ran onto the ice, thus ending the review period. There is no way that they gave the goal an honest review in 13 seconds. Games were usually delayed minutes for that type of review.

The NHL should have just apologized after screwing up and said that it shouldn't have been a goal and that mistakes happen. But instead they tried to insist that it was a good goal by referring to obscure rules and memos.

Every Stars fan knows deep-down that the goal should have been disallowed. Otherwise they are just kidding themselves. I didn't blame the Dallas' players then, and I have no hate for the Stars now. But that was the worst day in the history of the National Hockey League, and it won't be forgotten, especially in Buffalo.

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