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Originally Posted by Yantropov View Post
We have 6 UFA's at the end of the season, (Stoll, Mitchell, Hunter, Penner, Parse, Fraser)

Who would you like to see DL re-sign and why? If you think DL won't re-sign them, who do you see taking their spot on the roster next season.
Want to re-sign: Fraser and Mitchell I would definitely like to see re-signed.

Mitchell has proven himself a very capable 1-2 defender. Can't just let him walk and replace him with Scuderi and another youngster on the 5-6.

Fraser has been a very capable 4th liner and is sort of perfect in that role, not to mention he helps out with the PK.

Don't want to re-sign: Hunter and Stoll.

Stoll's time is done. I don't see a real purpose for him other than a utility guy drifting between the second and third line, and he is just not worth his salary.

Hunter is completely useless.

On the fence about: Penner and Parse.

You may call me crazy, but we traded a lot for Penner and he has been a successful goal scorer for the past 5 seasons in a row before he came here. We are utilizing him wrong. He has good hands and a good shot, we are trying to use him like a power forward grinder on the perimeter, he is a floating front man around the net that can snipe if setup properly, but 90% of his goals are scored standing right in front of the net or in the crease. He is NOT a perimeter shooter. His value has fallen through the floor and could probably be re-signed to a decent price, he is also decent defensively and hasn't proven to be a liability, so he could step into a third line role should we find a more suitable winger.

Parse has sort of gotten the worst luck possible. But if you look at his numbers, that is a successful rookie season (70GP 14G 16A 30P +19)... The organization isn't exaggerating about his talent. He is probably one of the most skilled left wings we have associated with the team. I would be interested in signing a two-way minimum one year deal with him and seeing if he can finally pull himself together with his health. If we don't, you know he is going to be signed by the Lightning or someone of the like, and is going to wind up a 40-50 point winger. I bet you, with our luck.


“We still have a lot of guys who haven't scored a goal since Jesus was a baby.” - Darryl Sutter
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