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01-14-2012, 05:29 PM
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Bertuzzi crossed a line. a line that is undefined and fuzzy, but as a player you know exists. a line that exists just so something like what happened to Moore won't happen. he crossed that line and ended Moore's career and livelihood. it was a complete lack of respect by one player towards another.

the NHL should have banned him in relation to Moore's injury. "you can return when he does". if he can't return then Bertuzzi should have had a 1-3 year suspension from the league. upon returning from that and Moore still can't play then you play but 50% of your pay goes to Moore, since you ended his career. iirc the NHLPA didn't do **** either, which seems real chicken **** on their part. seeing as how they are there to protect the players.

severe? hell yes. it should be because in RL a civil case would also rule along these lines. the league should have done the same to set a precedent so this never happened again. at some point he made some laughable offer of like $400K to Moore, which the family turned down.

my blood still boils every time i have to look at that puke on the ice. it would be very interesting to find out what player reactions are league wide to him and then with team mates in the DET room.

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