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11-07-2003, 09:21 AM
Steve Latin*
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:: All of those deals would be huge overpayments on Detroit's part.
:: Datsyuk is cheaper by a very large margin, better than Kraft and is :: :: less injury prone than Straka.

But Straka, when he's on his game, is much better than Datsyuk. Keep in mind that Datsyuk is a -7 right now. Straka was a 90 point scorer.

:: Grigerenko is the best winger in our system since Slava Kozlov. I
:: doubt the wings get rid of their only sniper, even if he did have a
:: major injury in the offseason.
:: How about Fleischmann instead?

He looks alright, but we already have around 6 or 7 prospects along those lines. Room at Wilkes-Barre is pretty tight.

:: Hudler and Kronwall aren't going anywhere. The wings have 4
:: bluechip (Howard, Kronwall, Hudler, Grigerenko) prospects and they :: aren't going to trade one or two of them off anytime soon.

:: Devereaux with 300k paid on his contract is the best Pittsburgh will
:: get since Straka's alone is 4.3 this season and Kraft is at 922k.

Absolutely not. Devereaux brings no value to the Pens. If we lose Kraft and Straka, then we can always bring up Simpson and Surovy. As I said before, we can just as easily put Straka and Kraft on waivers to shed the salary. There's no reason to pay Devereaux 1.3 million for being a complete scrub. Our scrubs make 700k.

:: Pittsburgh is in no position to demand a 1st AND a 3rd in a very
:: good :draft year when they're trying to dump the salaries of a good
:: 1st/2nd :line player and a bust. Would you also like Detroit's players :: to throw :in all their first born children as well?

First, it's not a good draft year beyond the first 10 picks.

Second, what you'e offering is worse than putting the players on waivers, where they could potential end up on a team like the Blues. You have to provide Pittsburgh some motivation to trade with you. Patrick is also a hardass and doesn't take kindly to lowball offers (like the one Sather gave him for Jagr). Both the Kovalev and Jagr deals had $4 million coming back our way. If you want to send us $4 million, then you can have Straka, Kraft, and we'll take on a few million in salary from your rejects. But if you dont want to pony up the cash, or the prospects, you're not going to get the players.


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