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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Ok. I have to step in and correct this, because it's been said many times on this board and on LGK back in the day. And it's simply false.

Mike Cammalleri wanted to return to Michigan for his senior season, and that was the plan all along. There was never any intention to play an OA year for St. Mike's. It was Taylor and the Kings who initiated the contact with MC and used the incentive of a spot on the first line with Allison to get him to sign an NHL contract. The same thing was done by Montreal to get Komisarek to leave that same summer. Both Cammalleri and Komisarek then spent the seasons in the AHL. That is what angered Red so much because they were both sold a bill of goods and ended up riding the bus in the AHL instead of coming back to what would have been the most loaded team in college hockey by a large margin.
I apologize for the misinformation then. I never saw that part, and could only remember the accusation that he used the loophole.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
My GF at the time met him right before we played at Staples after a King game and he was nice and took a picture with her. She was an attractive female though so I guess you can discount it. I don't get all the anger towards the guy, he wanted to get paid, he wanted to play in a market that had more than 1 beat writer following the team and he DID NOT fit into Terry Murray's system. That's how free agency is supposed to work.
And he very well may be. I haven't dealt with him myself, but people whom I trust well enough had negative experiences with him off the ice.

As for your second point, if he's unhappy in LA, by all means, I'd rather him go elsewhere and be happy than stay here and be unhappy. LA's not for all.

However, I think most people ARE displeased with him trying to get $6 million in arbitration after one decent season, when he rarely played defensively and he wasn't really the catalyst for offense either. He was a finisher, but he didn't make the players around him better. At the time, he was basically asking to be one of the top paid players in the league (neither Ovechkin nor Crosby were off their entry level contracts, if I recall correctly).

He just wasn't worth it, and him saying his team is playing like "losers" is one of the biggest **** moves I can imagine a player doing.

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