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01-14-2012, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
Do you watch any Canuck games, or just Oil and CBJ? If so, you must have seen him play at some point, and what do you think of his play? Would you say most CBJ fans that say they dont want Schneider because he is unproven dont want to be stuck with another Mason?

How did you become a fan of both those teams and not the Nucks?
Why would Vokun retire to Ohio? Family?
I don't really watch the Canucks play, I might watch bits of a game and the highlights. There has been times where it seemed like the only reason the Canucks were in a game/won the game was because of Schneider. So he can steal games for you and isn't a player that got lucky to be on a stacked team(ripped it up in the AHL as well). He obviously has skills. Only thing is, in Vancouver, he doesn't need to do this every game. If he comes to Columbus, he would need to be on top of his game every night until the team makes some changes. But now that I think about it, if Sanford can do what he's doing right now, I don't know why Schneider wouldn't beable to.

First 2 teams I knew about were Oilers/Bruins(Stanley Cup finals matchup). My Brothers and their friends wanted Bruins to win. I decided to play devils advocate and cheered for the Oilers. Ever since the win and since I became a fan, they went down hill. Back to devils advocate, I decided I would cheer against the home team Nucks. Only way I would cheer for them is if t hey ever got Nash and perhaps, Boll/Markstrom.

Became a Jackets fan because Nash became a fav player. At first, never cheered for the team but a year later, decided I would cheer for the team as well. As years went by, players like Norrena and Boll became fav players with Nash.

No idea why Vokoun would retire in Ohio. I just heard this from the other fans on here when Vokoun was a UFa this Summer.

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