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11-07-2003, 09:51 AM
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Excellent post as always Igor. It was this kind of post that drew me to HF in the first place, and the kind of thing that has been sadly lacking this year as interesting and insightful analysis has been overshadowed by horribly repetitive and speculative trade threads, and by drastic swings in "we are great", "no, we are terrible" posts. I don't mind examining how people are playing, but please, let's have a little bit of perspective before we start calling for Mac-T's head after getting 3/4 points to start a road-trip, before begging that Salo, Horc, etc., should be turfed and before disecting each and every play/game that a player makes and treating it as more significant than it really is. It's almost not even fun anymore when the day after a tie in Ottawa and a win in Montreal the majority of the posts are still negative. As I said, I love examining the play, but let's keep the magnification of our microscopes set to their proper level.

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