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01-14-2012, 10:52 PM
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dang. that's what i get for sending votes that don't get through... if they do, i'm not 4th, and I don't get this matchup until (hopefully) the finals, and i don't have the whole "1st seed vs. 4th seed" thing working against me.

it would have been nice to know why, like via some critical feedback during the draft or a well-constructed argument from my opponents or some comments from others in this series, but i totally get it. judgments can vary really widely this far down, and it's really hard to get the energy to argue over 50 picks whose values are all so close together. i didn't do much of it myself. i had to really force myself.

but i don't really care much about winning these things. my players were well substantiated and did well in all-star voting so i'd like to think i did well for them, and they'll get drafted higher next time, which is all i ever want.

and i did say that their bottom-6 could win this thing for them, because it's great. so i'm just going to go with that, and say that's what happened. tt'll make me feel better. Randy Cunneyworth in game 7 OT. (didn't that happen before?)

good luck in the finals. I will say that at least two of the top three teams are there

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