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Originally Posted by ReneBourque27 View Post
Lol i agree, i was writing something on my phone and loss it all loll
Originally Posted by ReneBourque27 View Post
I have no problem with your logic here, it makes sense at first glance, but its that same mentality that made us trade Ribeiro, Grabovski, Kostitsyn, Latendresse (he is playing good, just havent been lucky with his injuries) ... Instead of working with their issues, we ship them out as soon as we can. Ribeiro was one of the worst desperate rid off of all time. All that i am saying is to take THE TIME, Gauthier made that quick trade as if the Bourque was the missing pieces of the equation, when he is just a decent 2nd liner. Do you see that Gauthier only think about himself and his job? He is doing everything do get back so credibilty, hence why he acquire out of desperation Kaberle, in hope to get the hans back on trail and hopefully save his job. Same thing when he fired Martin, he is a sneaky SOB

The examples you gave where all done by a different GM (except for Kostitsyn) , the problem with Sergei was that his unhappiness with the coach was affecting Andrei as well and the GM thought it would be easier to trade then deal with which I kind of disagree with because you could see the talent oozing from Sergei and the return was terrible. However in the Pierre Gauthier era you can see a small change in philosophy , acquiring bigger players to complement our smaller skill players (Cole , Eller , Bourque). I personally have no problem with the recent history of Pierre Gauthier I often find he is blammed unfairly for issues caused by Gainey (not justifying his mistakes but the tragedies involving his family were quite evidently bothering his work life). Kaberle his a high risk / high reward the kind of player that works well in a system , yes he sucked in Carolina however how many of our fan base would have cried if he would have been picked up by someone else and regained his form (it's just what we needed to kick start our pp they would cry).

The point I'm clearly trying to make is that Gauthier isn't so bad and that some of the criticism is just unfair. I believe without a doubt that with Markov in the line-up we would be where Ottawa is right now if not better.

Imagine this



This line-up would be playoff worthy , but injuries will happen (part of the game) and this year we just don't have that luck factor in regards to injuries. (see : Penguins , Buffalo , Edmonton , Flyers , list goes on...).

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