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01-15-2012, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Belanger25 View Post
I believe his last season in LA he started to become a selfish player. He started that season with ten goals in the first month and then trailed off from there. He did get injured midway through the season but when he came back he seemed to try to be better than Kopitar and Brown. Instead of making the right play I thought he started to make the play that wasn't the best for the team but what was best for himself.

Just my opinion it.
He broke his ribs coming to the aid of his teammate fighting a guy 6 inches taller. He was injured man and still tried to play through it. Everyone loved him and so dide DL (called him a future Kings captain) until DL got wind of his price tag. DL then went public with the negotiation in typical fashion and hypocriticaly painted him a completely different player than what he said of him 4 months earlier. All in attempt in order to gain the favor of the fans in ditching him.

With that said, Cammy didn't really fit and he has since been overpaid. Works in the end, I just didn't like the way things worked out. DL is a good GM but his mouth rubs a lot of fans and NHL people the wrong way.

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