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Originally Posted by TeamKidd View Post

Donovan is 3-9-12 -8
Wishart 1-8-9 -5
DeHaan is 2-6-8 -3
Ness is 2-8-10 -6

Now i'll admit, those numbers dont look pretty. but you have to think they'll get better, and if this is the WORST they do, which you have to think it will be, then thats not so bad.

Donovan is putting up decent points, DeHaan is actually pretty reliable at a -3, and ness is somewhere in the middle.

so looking through the lens of "this is the worst its going to be" ....maybe its not so bad?
Here is an update since our discussion of their poor beginnings to the season. here is their updated stats:

Donovan (38g) 4-16-20 +/- -1
Wishart (39g) 1-9-10 -9
DeHaan (32g) 2-7-9 -5
Ness (39g) 2-13-15 +/- 0

So that means since our freakout about their play in late november, they've gone:

Donovan 1-7-8 +7
Wishart 0-1-1 -4
DeHaan 0-1-1 -2
Ness 0-5-5 +6

Clearly Donovan and Ness have stepped up their games significantly, while wishart continues on his sucky way. DeHaan has been injured so....

There is hope. Im getting to the point where id rather see donovan and ness up here than some of our worst offenders on D.

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