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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
Tom Callahan talked about trading Suter yesterday during pre-game. Poile said he hasn't made any calls to other teams, but many have called him to talk about Suter.

Callahan is of the opinion that if Suter signing, he should be traded. But he also noted, and I kind of feel the same way, that Suter is a top 5-10 defenseman in the NHL. If you trade that level of player, you have to get a top 10 scorer in return. I think our trade proposals have been selling Suter short in that regard.

His other option was if a team put together a package that couldn't be refused, something with enough quality players to push Nashville forward, and some good picks/prospects.

And really, looking back and thinking about what we've been proposing here, and reject from other fans. When you consider the elite level of Ryan Suter, almost none of these packages should get it done. I think with Weber around (easily top 3 in the league and probably heads most mid-season lists for Norris), it's easy for us to undervalue Suter a bit.
Pens fan here. Thank you for Ray Shero, first off.

Second off, I think you need to look at what the pens have done flipping dmen to set yourselves a bar. granted our deals happened when guys had years left on their contracts but I think the talent level between suter and goligoski/whitney more than makes up for it.

In both cases we swung 2 for 1 deals involving a top 6 forward and another piece. In suters case you should be doing the same, but with a top 3 forward.

Philly won't move Giroux and I wouldn't want briere at this age so I don't see them being a good partner. Anaheim certainly fits but id want Perry or getzlaf. Itd need to be b Ryan + to get suter from me. Boston might part with krecji or Bergeron + for him as well so id look there.

Now knowing Shero, im sure he'd be interested as well. Lets go big, Id offer something like Staal (4 mil),Paul martin (5 mil), Tyler Kennedy (2 mil), and a 2nd round pick for Suter, Fisher, and the rights to radulov.

You'd be taking on 11 mil in cap space and probably losing about the same assuming Suter gets near 7 mil from us, plus Fishers 4.2. You get a top 6 2-way center, a solid veteran defender, scoring depth in Kennedy, and a pick. We get another stud defender, a decent center to replace some of staals production and pk time, and a potential wild card if radulov returns. Id think malkin might help that. And keep in mind all our guys are under contract at least one more year, only Fisher is in on your end, assuming radulov stays in Russia.

Would that make the ball roll?

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