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01-15-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Okay, fair enough, perhaps not "desperate," I was merely putting into question the validity of each entry.

But retiring a player is a smart business move. Generally, higher ticket prices, boosted tv ratings, higher revenue, etc. I'm sure MSG made a pretty penny on each on of the retirees.
No, no. I think "desperate" is a perfect word for it. Over the course of 70 years as a franchise, 2 jerseys hung in the rafters. In the last few years, they've roped pretty much every jersey they could upstairs. Wheres the consistency? Whats the criteria? Im baffled by it.

Theres plenty of explanations for it, but the #1 reason is a distraction. Basically up until this season, the franchise did everything possible to distract their fans from the present - because the present stunk. Thats why 1994 continues to get shoved down the fans throats, and these dog and pony shows celebrating great moments from decades ago have been so prevalent recently.

Thankfully, we have a good team now and dont have to keep reliving the past.

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