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Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
The possibilities of deals for Ryan are numerous and interesting. They feel decidedly "un-pred-like". Moving one of our cornerstones for an elite player. Its not what we do. We grow 'em, play 'em, and hold on for dear life. Except for PK and Foppa, we don't bring in elites either. Not our style. The thought of doing it is nervewracking. It's a slippery slope toward teams like the BJs and the Leafs chasing the names. It feels anti-identity.

That said, the Rose Ceremony quality of this reality show is the collective fear of rejection from what we thought was a soulmate. Ryan is our high school sweetheart. We've stayed together thru college and now into our early adult life. It's time to get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. We've had such a comfortable relationship, the thought of either side going in another direction didn't seem possible. We just both assumed we'd always be together.

But lately, Ryan has seemed ........ distant. We've noticied a wandering eye. 100% certainty in our realtionship has become strained. The "connection" is no longer solid. Our grass is browning and grass on the other side is looking greener. The reality that we may not be together forever is seeping in. And it hurts, on so many levels.

We started out together, when neither one of us was anything. We've lived thru all the ups and owns, which has built a bond that should make staying together a no-brainer. And now this.

Breaking up is hard to do. Being left without a rose hurts. Can we be successful without Ryan? Sure. Can DP swing a good deal if faced with the reality that Ryan wants out? To quote Toots: "Absolutely".

But that's not the point. Right now, as every day goes by with no contract deal, we're slowly watching our one-and-only slip away. He hasn't said he wants out, but we can feel it. We notice things we didn't notice before. What used to be cool-under-pressure on the ice now smells like indifference. His quiet nature is now the fear he's "shutting down on us". His deflection of direct questions on the subject has gone from appropriate to mounting evidence that "he's-just-not-into-us-anymore".

Like any innocent jilted lover, we will hit a breaking point soon. Commit to us or get out. No Hamhuis "I want it both ways". This is personal. We gave you everything we had. We're willing to commit. We've done all the right things. If you can't commit, there's no other reason than you don't want to be together anymore. No because of the money. No, it's deeper than that. You're telling us you've "outgrown us". Being a Pred was fine on the way up, but now that you're a recognized BMOC, staying a Pred would be Slummin'. It would hold you back. You feel like you've graduated to the Cool Kids table at school. You're "in" and we're ....... not.

If that's the way it's going to be, then go. Now. We'll take what we can get. Once you've come clean that you've lost that lovin' feeling, we couldn't bear to watch you hang around a pretend you're a Pred, even if it gives us a better chance to win playoff games this year. Go. Roll in the greener grass. Party with the cool kids. Live the life you seem to think is better than staying home with us. Go.

Have you taken a real good look at us lately, Ryan. We know you've evolved into a stud since our relationship began, but look at us. 54 points. 13-4 in our last 17. Budding studs at all positions. Elite goalie for 7 more years. Most stable coaching and front office in the league. Electric fan base that loves you. Sellouts for as far as the ey can see. Playoff runs now and in the future. Great place to live. No income taxes. Great place to raise kids. No sufficating media making your life miserable. In a word, we're a Catch. The blossoming hometown girl. Those Big City girls may seem more glamorous, but they won't love you like we do. They can't. We loved you when you were nothing. They seem to love you for what you've become. If you really want them, than you're not the guy we always thought you were. You just need to go. Chase what you think you want, but you'll never find it, because it's here. It'll always be here. You're just too full of yourself to see it.

Bottom line, it's personal. If we're misreading your signals Ryan, show us. Call your agent, sign a 7/7 deal, show us the vibes we're feeling are wrong. Show us we really are together forever. No hard feelings.
The big question is how much of what we perceive is a projection onto the situation by a worried fanbase? Is it the same coolness that has always been there or has it really changed? If he's definitely gone, why have his agent spend so much time participating in negotiations?

I'm not convinced he's leaving nor am I sure he's staying. There are indications of both. Right now we know that both Suter and Weber are saying the right things in public. We know there's a contract offer from the team awaiting Suter's autograph at the bottom after days of negotiation between Poile and Suter's agent.

The same paranoia that surrounds this deal was present mere weeks ago with Rinne. He was as good as gone ... no chance of us signing any of the "big 3" ... until he signed. We'll see over the next few weeks which path this deal follows.

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