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11-07-2003, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by tk421
Then you come on and pretty much make the case that Daigle is doing nothing, and provides nothing we couldn't get from anybody else on the team.
I never said Daigle is "doing nothing", but yes, we can get his individual assets other places on the team. That much is obvious. The dispute lies with how one evaluates his entire package when inserted into the lineup.

Originally Posted by tk421
What I posted was just a indicator that other people in the Hockey world also believe that Daigle is playing well, and brings more to the team than last year.
You posted what a single individual - Jon A. Dolezar - thinks. Moreover, unless you or anyone else here can supply some background on why Mr. Dolezar has a well-informed opinion (he's actually seen every Wild game this season?) there is no reason to hold his opinion up as more valuable than a random poster on these boards. And I don't know about you, but I'm naturally skeptical so I am not swayed by just anyone.

Originally Posted by tk421
So I don't understand the hostility. If you can't debate without resorting to sarcasm then go to and go to the trash talk section.
I don't know why you sense hostility. I'm curious why what I said is to be interpreted as "hostile." You were referring to people as "Daigle bashers", which could be considered as name calling. Were you intending to be hostile? I assume(d) not.

There is no intended hostility coming from me. That's what the smiley face is for. I think it's funny that anyone would post what you did as support in this "debate", especially by its lonesome (w/o comments/support about how you intend it to be interpreted), because I find it to be a very uncompelling appeal to authority and not useful to the discussion. That's all.

If we agree about anything, I think we should call it (the "hostility") a misunderstanding promoted by the emotionless face of the internet and refrain from aiming below the belt.

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