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11-07-2003, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers Chick
BTW Cawz, I'm alot further south of Edmonton than you's tough being a fiercely loyal Oilers fans south of the border sometimes.
Where in the States? How did you get into the Oil down there (or are you from Etown originally)?

The Journal used to post articles on the web but they have digressed over the last little while. Its tough to get info now and its usually dated by the time its printed.

At least Sportsnet West shows the Oilers games. I dont know how they get away with being so bias. They show at least 3 Oil games for every Flames game. I guess that shows where the viewer interest lies. It was horrible when A-channel were showing the games because we couldnt get them down here.

And I'm still suprised that HNIC has had the Oil every saturday so far (I think). We're getting spoiled.

But ya, the inside info is much appreciated by the displaced Oilers fans. And to go with the thread title, enough with the bashing. There is enough negativity in the world without bashing our small market team struggling (and succeeding) to thrive in an unbalnced environment. We're doing fine considering all the crap we've had to put up with. If anyone really feels the need to bash our playoff (so far) team on a 4 game unbeaten streak without one of our top players, then mabye you have to re-evaluate why you are a fan. Just to make yourself feel better by putting something down?

Go Oil. I hope the Comrie situation gets sorted out eventaully and whatever happens, I'll still support the team. If the perfect trade was out there, it would be done already. I hope our stars start playing better, but at least our role players are picking it up when they are needed (which is precisely why they are part of the team). And I hope we meet someone other than stupid Dalls in the payoffs this year for cripes sake.

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