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01-15-2012, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by PresidentCamacho View Post
You're completely ignoring my initial point which was that he has been and currently is producing at a near-comparable rate to Phaneuf for less than half of his salary. You're living in a pre-cap dream if you think White doesn't deliver the same value as Phaneuf.

His latest contract is probably his most valuable one since entering the league as he is now an established premier offensive defenceman. His cost benefit probably exceeds Dion's.

That's not worthless, despite what you think of Stajan, Mayers, and Hagman. In fact, he was the clearcut centrepiece of the initial deal.
To counter your bolded post, if White is such a post cap bargain, why has he been in the Dom Moore league of journeyman players? Players with great value command premiums if they are dealt, and seldom are for that matter.

People make too much fuss about salary. The amount given to Phaneuf has not handcuffed the Leafs in anyway from making other deals. Its not my money, so I don't care.
If you surveyed 1000 Leaf fans who they would rather have as the top pairing Dman on our team, Phaneuf vs White, I would bet 90% would go with Phaneuf.
He was our top pairing Dman and we were dreadful.

Besides, if he was the centrepiece of the initial deal heading back to Calgary (I don't disagree) why was he dealt for Babchuk if he was so fantastic?

That deal was more of a ripoff than the Gilmour trade. Im all for hearing debates to the contrary but there simply isn't one in this trade.

White's current play on Detroit is a non factor when evaluating the deal. If the Flames had aquired a valuable piece for him then it would be relevant.

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