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01-15-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by RoDu View Post
oh yeah tanking, that's a good idea
I love when people use .gifs in place of sound reasoning.

Why is tanking a bad idea? Please... any logic whatsoever you have, I'm all ears.

Is this team a Stanley Cup winner with a goalie w/ a .890 save percentage, their clear #1 defenseman gone for the season, their best postseason player last year hampered by a season-long injury, the Rangers and Bruins stronger than ever, etc?

I know it's not fun to hear that your team has no chance and would be best served tanking, but I think that's the truth here. You made a bunch of moves in the offseason to get younger, severely hampering your chances to win now. You have a few pieces (Briere, Jagr) that are only gonna be good for a couple more playoff runs @ best. You have a massive need for a #1 defenseman and this draft is stocked w/ some amazing ones if you can get into the top 15. Why not tank?

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