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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
My uncle used to say " you can't get half pregnant"

If you're a true Habs fan you can never wish your team to lose. Of course all of use want a top 5 pick, but you cannot be a serious fan hoping to see them lose to get it!

We can get on the players, but to make it to this level, they are all winners, they made they show and it was against big odds!

They have pride (at least the vast majority do) and will NOT "tank".... In fact with the exception of St.Louis game, they have been right there against many of the better teams.

Even the thought of "tanking" is for losers!!!

With that said, do we need to retool YES!

Do we need a rebuild...were not that far off.

That's one Habs fan opinion who has been watching since 1974.

Habs 4 Rangers 2
The Balckhawks tanked, so did Pitsburgh. They have each one won the cup, we havent. So you can call us ''tanker'' loser if you like. But i think its the smart sensible thing to do.

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