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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
How can you say he isn't doing much? Utilizing talent correctly and making it work is good coaching, and thus doing something.

That's like saying Mike Babcock doesn't do much coaching the Wings after taking over for Dave Lewis. He had the same talent in place and had a 6-10 playoff record in two seasons.

Just because a team is talented, in any sport, doesn't mean it doesn't take proper coaching and knowing how to best put guys in a position for success isn't necessary and worth noting.

I'm not a Harbaugh fanboy but you can't deny he's made a difference there, even if it's just utilizing talent that's already there properly. That, in effect, is doing something.

Just because a team is talented doesn't take away anything from the coach's ability to utilize it correctly. Always found that to be a peeve of mine when you get the "oh well that team is stacked, he doesn't have to do much and is lucky" and thus shouldn't be considered as a coach of the year or as being a good coach. That's crazy to me. Are they fortunate to have tools to work with? Sure. That still doesn't take away anything from their ability to make it all work and manage everything involved.
Look no further than Alex Smith's development for the impact Harbough has had. He was regarded as a complete bust before the season started and everyone was wondering why they didn't go out and get a qb. 4 months later, he's looking like a great qb and winning a playoff game.

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